Everyone contributed to and influenced the final script via writing exercises


Olivia Shuman

Hi, I'm Olivia Shuman (she/her) and I'm in 12th grade! I'm the lead writer, co-composer, editor/curator/author of the Coruscatum (poetry) section, casted the Coruscatum voice-over roles, and wrote the Trevor/Lorenzo scene. I also play Val Moore.

Gabe Tarini

Gabe (he/him) is a senior at FSS and wrote the Meryl/Christina scene.

Elena Milliken

Hi! I'm Elena (she/her) and I am in 11th grade. I am the assistant director of the Utopia Project and a core ensemble member. I don't have a character name just yet but I'm excited to work on that.

FUN FACT: I'm trying to memorize all the countries in the world and be able to label them on a map.

Chris Crisden

Chris (he/him) is a junior and a Co-Dramaturg and plays Trevor Olatunji. As part of his dramaturg role, he runs the Utopia Project Instagram.

Hannah Dubb

Hi, my name is Hannah (she/her/hers)! I’m a senior at FSS and a co-dramaturg for this project. As part of that role, I maange this website! Fun fact: I have a beloved collection of stuffed alpacas.

Ethan Tarini

My name is Ethan Tarini, I use he/him pronouns, and I work as the stage manager for the Utopia Project. I'm one of those people who bounces their leg up and down when I sit still.


May Colgan

May (she/her) is a sophomore and the Assistant Stage Manager for the Utopia Project.

Freeman Rabb

Freeman (he/him) is a senior. He's the Composer for the Utopia Project and plays Lorenzo Washington.

Patrick Ryan

Patrick (he/him) is a freshman and plays Charles.

Annalise DiCicco

Annalise (she/her) is a sophomore and plays Meryl.

Quilana Castro Cardona

 Hi my name’s Quilana (she/her) and I’m in 12th grade! I play Christina and I’m apart of the core ensemble. Fun Fact: One of my favorite shows growing up was Fraggle Rock!

Ang Bey

Ang (they/them) is the director of the Utopia Project and an FSS alum (class of 2015). They also wrote the Val/Charles scene.