• Hannah Dubb

Response to prompt "something gone wrong" by Freeman Rabb

There’s always something new upon returning

Every returning time is a new snowflake

of a wave crashing onto the same beach

The one you grew up on,

so you know the landscape

But surely can't remember every little grain of sand you displaced

Upon returning home

the smells first impress

And you’re unable to shake the feeling of familiarity

That same sense that greets you like an open door

That is stood before the blizzard hellscape outside

In fact that first olfactory port

Is enough to make you distracted

As one couldn't turn their nose to be rid of it

From what the blanket of smell seeks to cover

The truths that you left, and left unanswered

All the gaps you dared not question


Stories told wrong

Features not there

The smell could only wash over newest grains of sand

And reminds you that the old ones are too hard to remember

Being the nature of the grain of sand, you are supposed to be reminded of the dynamic

To be washed over

But still it is haunting to think

Why that smell has so much control

When the details lack

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