• Hannah Dubb

Response to prompt "something gone wrong" by Anonymous

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

It is 1:00 AM and the water is almost indistinguishable from the sand on the beach. When you look you can see a planet in the night sky. If you trace your eyes correctly, the trail of stars and pale rope of cloud define the curvature of the ominous behemoth in the night sky. The planet is inky black, and speckled with bright stars. On the horizon it hangs low and intimidating, but as your eyes follow it up, and you crane your head back it curves away from Earth, its outline disappearing into just another starry sky. It has wandered through space, like a giant sphere of pitch black water, to visit for a night. Out across the water where the planet hangs low, two lonely cell towers, memorials of civilization, blink five red lights. Two on the shorter one, and three on the taller. It seems as though if you traveled there, and climbed that tower, past the three blinking lights, you could reach up and plunge a hand through the cold surface of that planet in the sky. But if you did, you would climb to the top to see, with a better perspective, that the planet was really eight feet above that last blinking light. Just out of reach.

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